Lessons learned from Stacy Lim’s Shooting

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Back in November, I posted a video on my page. In it, Stacey Lim recounts the night she almost died. Stacey is an amazing woman, one of my heroes, and her story has some good lessons for us.

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So let’s look at what can be learned from what Stacey Lim went through. (it might be a good idea to watch the video again before we proceed. The video is on my profile page)

Lesson 1.) Stacey was on her way home from a night playing softball and having dinner with her partner and the partner’s family. She was on the freeway at 1:30 am. She admits to being tired and that she wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on around her. Stacey had several opportunities to avoid the situation she got it to. Because she was tired and thus, unaware, she allowed herself to be followed off the freeway, all the way home. When you are out and about you should always be alert. What should you be looking for? Anything out of the ordinary. Body language, dress, people who are paying attention to you. This isn’t rocket science, if you are paying attention you will notice things that aren’t right. Women actually have an advantage in that they are more attuned to these slight signals than men. Unfortunately, they tend to disregard those “feelings” of danger or trouble. If something doesn’t feel or seem right, there is a reason you feel that way. DON’T IGNORE IT!

When you are driving, you should be paying almost as much attention to what is in your mirror as to what is in front of you. If you notice the same car behind you for some time, should you go home? Want to know if someone is following you? Pull into a parking lot and pull right back out on to the street. If someone follows you through that you need to think about where you are going to go next. Either  a police station, fire station, or a busy store.

If Stacey had done this one thing, she wouldn’t have had to go through the situation that almost cost her life.

Lesson 2.) If you have a gun, have it ready to use. This is what saved Stacey. She was in the habit of traveling with her pistol under her leg so that it was quickly available. (there are pros and contras to this which we can discuss if you are interested)

When Stacey got out of her car, she transferred the pistol to under her left armpit. This keeps the gun hidden yet readily available. This can be a good way to carry a gun for a VERY short period such as going from your car to your house. (in general the best place for it is the holster)

The fact that her pistol was quickly available saved Stacey’s life.

Lesson 3.) When it’s time to shoot, SHOOT! When confronted by the young gang member pointing a gun at her, Stacey challenged him with “police! Drop the gun!” at which time he shot her. At the point where you are facing a gun, you are under no obligation to give any warnings. If it’s time to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.

Lesson 4.) Even though you are grievously wounded you can continue to fight. Stacey sustained wounds that should have killed her. Because she was a warrior on all three planes, physical, mental, and spiritual, she kept fighting. The truth is that most people that get shot, survive. Even if you receive a fatal wound,  you can keep fighting for 10, 20, or more seconds. Bottom line, the sooner you finish the fight, the less hurt you will get.

Lesson 5.) The purpose of shooting is putting bullets into the target. Only the first shot fired by the bad guy hit Stacey. He fired 5 more that missed. Stacey fired 4 shots and got 4 hits. Under the circumstances this is outstanding. It is a testament to her training. Hitting isn’t hard, it’s just a matter of sights and trigger control. Doing it under stress is what is hard. You need to be training often. Your training needs to be realistic, and needs to incorporate stress. We can talk more about this later if you have any questions.

Lesson 6.) Survivors have something to live for. After she left surgery and went to the ICU Stacey says that the doctors gave her no chance of survival. She says that because of her friends and family yelling at her to survive and her own strong will, she walked out of the hospital 15 days later. AFTER SUSTAINING WOUNDS THAT WOULD HAVE KILLED MOST PEOPLE!

I made a commitment to my wife to be there for her. When I walk out the door in the morning, I tell myself, “what ever it takes, I’m walking back through this door tonight”

This puts me in the proper mindset to get through whatever comes my way.

An officer in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Ohiowas answering a trouble call at a residence. As he walked toward the home, he was shot by a man inside. The officer was shot in the abdomen with a .308 rifle. As he lay there his first thought was of his wife and children. He worried that he would never see them again. This led to his second thought. He heard the voice of his instructor in his head, telling him to get to cover and return fire. He did and was able to keep the bad guy pinned until back up got there.

What/who do you have to live for? Make the commitment to be there.

To sum up;

–         awareness leads to avoidance. It is best to not get into trouble in the first place

–         if someone has made clear their intention to harm you, don’t talk, FIGHT!

–         Train so that you can hit every time under all circumstances

–         Have something to live for.

Be safe and watch your six!

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